Books to Read to Celebrate Agent Carter Season 2!

Looking for books to satisfy your Agent Carter feels?

I’m so stoked that Peggy Carter, Jarvis, and the gang are back for season 2 of Agent Carter. I think it’s one of the best shows on tv! It wears its feminism on its sleeve, has great witty writing, and Peggy is the total best. After watching the season two premiere, I was clamoring for more books that evoke the same feel. So here we go!

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illuminae cover

Illuminae by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff! This sci-fi novel is so engrossing and one of the main characters is Kady, who is basically future hacker Peggy. Howard Stark with his genius mind would probably go crazy for AIDAN, the artificial intelligence of the spaceship.


lois lane fallout
Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond!
Perhaps an obvious choice because Lois, like Peggy, is a famous comic book character. Gwenda’s Lois Lane origin story sucked me in because of how awesome Lois is. She takes no shit like Peggy and is relentless in her desire to help people and prove herself as a journalist (or an SSR agent, same thing). Just like Agent Carter’s season 1 did a great job at integrating Steve/Captain America into the show in a way he didn’t overshadow it, so does Gwenda in how she constructs Clark Kent.

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby! Maybe a less obvious choice… but in the same way Agent Carter is bone gapproud of its feminism, so is Bone Gap. I think Peggy would love Roza and Petey, two girls who are overlooked because of their gender and their looks and fight to save themselves. Agent Carter also has Sousa, a disabled character who is capable of taking care of himself and more than just his war injury. Bone Gap also has a main character with a surprising disability, who is more than just a disability. vicious

Vicious by V.E. Schwab! A superhero/villain novel! This novel captured the comic book feel and though it’s about two men, it also has a sister relationship as its second anchor. Much like Captain America was a science experiment, Victor and Eli both experiment on themselves. There’s a very interesting rationale behind how powers/ability types manifest in people which I haven’t seen done before.

all the rage coverAll the Rage by Courtney Summers! This book is hard and painful and gut-wrenching. It’s rape culture and sexism and misogyny and all the things Peggy fights daily. This story, tonally, is very different from the Agent Carter aesthetic, but all the same issues are there.


The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne! This political contemporary is a girl’s coming of the wrong side of rightage story. It has no explosions or flamingos or toxic gas that makes an entire theater full of people maul each other. But Kate’s journey reminds me of Peggy. She stays true to her ideals, especially on the important issue of immigration and fights for the people she loves. This book might not as be as flashy as Agent Carter is, but I think, at its core, it has the same tone (and of course a great female character leading it).

conspiracyofusThe Conspiracy of Us & Map of Fates by Maggie Hall! Also another book that has the same feel to me. But different from Wrong Side. Conspiracy has the whirlwind and intrigue and action. Avery is not a boss fighter like Peggy, but she uses her intellect to make her way through a new world she’s just uncovering for the first time. She’s also struggling to find her power because there are too many adults and a mandate/prophecy trying to steal her agency. But Avery, like Peggy, is not going to give in. She’s going to make her own way. under a painted sky

Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee! This is a historical, just like Agent Carter, but set like 100 years before in the late 1840s. Sam and Annamae face sexism and danger on the Oregon Trail as they flee slavery, racism, and a murder charge. Just like Peggy and Angie had such a great relationship (ANGIE, WE MISS YOU), Sam and Annamae take care of each other on this harrowing journey.

nimona coverNimona by Noelle Stevenson! Another superhero/villain story you guys just can’t miss! I love this book so much.



wolf by wolf
Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin! So I just finished this book and have so many feels but Yael has been through hell and is still so full of feels and goodness and dedicated to her mission and Captain America and Peggy would be horrified if the Axis Powers had won the war and just please everyone read this book. It is incredible and like a darker Agent Carter but with amazing Yael.

Honorable Mentions!

5 to 1 dark star code name verity

rebel of the sands coverthis monstrous thing covercarry on cover


Comic Recs!

batgirl spider gwen ms marvel

What books would you put on this list? Have you read any of these? DON’T YOU LOVE AGENT CARTER?


Books to Read to Help Your ATLA Hangover

I have a lot of AVatar: THe Last Airbender feels.

If you’re like me, you spent winter break watching ATLA for the first time, crying, laughing, and having feels. Or, you’re a smart person and watched ATLA back when it aired and have never quite gotten over the Fire Nation sized hole it left in your heart.

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Here we have a list of books to help with that. But let’s be real, nothing will ever truly help.

atla the lost adventuresThe Graphic Novels! I tore through The Lost Adventures and The Search already. It was magical! I felt like I was back with all the old characters. The Lost Adventures wasn’t really anything groundbreaking. It was mostly super short filler stories, but there were three I really loved. The one where Aang tries to find any surviving airbenders broke my heart. Zuko and Mai’s first date/kiss story was also super adorable and a surprise character makes a cameo in it. And then there’s a short story set in the Western Air Temple where Sokka starts his own non-bender exclusive club and Zuko, Katara, and Toph  act like they’re above it, but Aang is desperate to get in.

The Search, though, finally answers the question “What happened to Zuko’s mom?” and wow I atla the searchhad feels. I loved how it analyzed Sokka/Katara and Zuko/Azula–the two prominent sibling relationships on the show, which are so different. There’s a lot of familial relationships throughout the story that really sets a good tone. Then there’s gems like Uncle Iroh being in charge of the Fire Nation while Zuko is away and declaring National Tea Day. And Zuko being a sweetheart with a little kid which may have made my Prince Zuko crush extra hard to get rid of.

truthwitch coverTruthwitch by Susan Dennard! Susan is a mega ATLA fan, as discovered at the launch event for her book, and she used an elemental magic system to create her world. A Truthwitch happens to sound as rare as an Airbender, doesn’t it? And a Bloodwitch tracking them down? Hmm… is that one Prince Zuko? “Her unlikely friendship with Safi has taken her from life as an outcast into one of reckless adventure” <–“I’m just a boy with a boomerang. I didn’t ask for all this flying and magic.”six of crows

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! This magical heist-y book was blurbed by one of the ATLA creators! Team Avatar is now Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper, and Wylan as they attempt to break into the Fire Nation Ice Court. It’s a must read.

rebel of the sands coverRebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton! This doesn’t come out until February or March depending on where you live, but Alwyn is also an epic ATLA fan and this book…. ohmygosh this book. Remember that massive desert from season/book 2? Oh, yes. And it has lots of cool monikers for people like The Blue-Eyed Bandit, The Eastern Snake, The Rebel Prince a la The Blind Bandit, The Blue Spirit, The Banished Prince. Plus this book is full of epic female characters and diversity, just like ATLA was.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! Hello! MOON PRINCESS. the lunar chronicles covers1A Darker Shade final for Irene

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab! The fantasy lover in you will eat up this book for the amazing world building. It is ATLA levels of good. I read this book just basically marveling at it. “How do I write something this good? How does anyone?” Also! Evil siblings like our fave Fire Nation duo. *rocks back and forth* *Zuko* *character growth*


There you have it! A list of books to reignite your ATLA feels! Have a wonderful feelsy day.

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