The Book-ademy Awards Book Tag–Week of Book Tags #3

I was tagged by the creator of this tag, Don’t Shush Me, so let’s continue Book TAg Week right now!


We’re giving out awards today! Without further ado…

The Book-ademy Awards Book Tag

doctor who air guitar

Most Kick Butt Heroine
Make way for LILA BARD! My pirate queen adventurer warrior with a glass eye.
A Darker Shade final for Irene

Most Swoon-Worthy Male Character
*dreamy sigh* Ezra and his hearts and flowers and talk of bonding, which may or may not be of the chemical variety.
illuminae cover

Most Swoon-Worthy Female Character (I’m adding this to avoid heteronormativity!)
My girl crush is definitely on Inej and Nina from Six of Crows.
six of crows

Best Star-Crossed Lovers
wrath and dawn cover

Best Surprise
Hmmm… the twisty-est book this year was….
illuminae cover

Best Fairy Tale Retelling
The myth of Persephone is reimagined here, with tropes from all fairy tales weaved into the narrative. I love this book so much!
bone gap

Best “Didn’t Expect to Like It, But Loved It” Book
I know–what is wrong with me?? I was skeptic when this book was announced, partly cause Cath’s fanfic was the least important part of Fangirl to me, and also cause I didn’t want another Fifty Shades mess where this book felt like published fanfic. BUT I AM HAPPY TO SAY I WAS WRONG. This book was everything. 
carry on cover

Best Sidekick or Bestie
Sebastian, Christian’s little brother! He was so precious and perfect!

Best Debut Author Book
So hard!! So many debuts were ah-mazing. I’m so excited to have so many new faces in the YA community.
under a painted sky

Best Seasoned Author Book (adding this!)
Courtney Summers does it again! She gets darker, grittier, and more painful with each book. This book should be mandatory reading for the whole world.
all the rage cover

Best “little known” Book
Maybe I’m totally wrong here, but I don’t see enough gushing for The Conspiracy of Us!! This book is so awesome! A love triangle that totally works, awesome world building, and fast pacing.  I can’t wait for book 2, Map of Fates!

Best Cover (adding this!)
There were a lot of great covers this year (Red Queen, Made You Up, Ten Thousand Skies Above You, etc), but there’s one for a book I was waiting on since the moment it sold, one that when I saw it filled me with joy, and was totally perfect.
first and then cover

Best Series
Hmm… best series that ended, best new series… WHO CAN DECIDE? So I’m gonna split this category 🙂
Best Series That Ended This Year
Everything is Lunar Chronicles and everything hurts.
the lunar chronicles covers1
Except does it count with Stars Above coming out in February? …
Best Series That Started This Year
I need more!!! 
an ember in the ashes cover

Best Book
This was my favorite book of the year, no competition. 
six of crows

I am tagging my friend Erin and anyone who wants to do this!

2 days till Christmas!


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