Halsey Book Tag: Week of Book Tags #2

Welcome to day 2 of The Week of Book Tags! We’re another day closer to Christmas, so get festive with Halsey. Or… just have feels.

Today’s tag was created by Lady Knight Reads and I’m so happy it exists because I love me some Halsey.

The Halsey Book Tag

teen wolf stiles derek

Castle: your favorite queen
How dare you make me choose between my queens!!! This is SO HARD and CRUEL.
But… Inej. Just… everything is Inej. Inej is life.
six of crows

Hold Me Down: a series you just can’t seem to quit no matter how hard you try
red queen cover

New Americana: the fictional friend group you’d want to be your fight the apocalypse squad
This speaks for it self. Caw, caw motherf*cker.
six of crows

Drive: a couple that needs to communicate (better)
Simon/Blue. I mean, the whole book is based on the fact that neither of them know who the other is 😉
simon vs the homo sapiens agenda cover

Hurricane: favorite standalone
Beautiful precious book *pets* It is everything to me.
fangirl cover

Roman Holiday: cutest contemporary couple

Ghost: most tragic break-up
You know… what usually happens when your slave bf starts a rebellion aimed at your people. And then when your gf doesn’t tell you she’s a spy for your side and breaks your heart to save your life, but also poisoned the water supply.
winner's trilogy

Colors: one of your favs who hurts you a lot because they make TERRIBLE decisions
I tried really hard to avoid using the same books multiple times, but there’s no one quite like Kaz ‘Dirtyhands’ Brekker.
six of crows

Strange Love: chatacter a lot of people don’t get but you absolutely love
I didn’t realize people didn’t like Jude until recently. JUDE IS FLAWED AND WONDERFUL AND NEVER SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT HER TO ME.
i'll give you the sun cover

Coming Down: best sexytimes scene
Gahhh, I hate reusing books but:

Haunting: a book or character you’re still thinking about
Nimona!! I love this book and these characters and that end was so wonderfully bittersweet, but I want more. Especially because *spoilerspoiler*
nimona cover

Gasoline: favorite (self-)  destructive character
This is a Ronan Lynch song forever and always. *cries*
The Raven Cycle covers

Control: best villain
Courtney Summers beautifully and painfully explored rape culture in her latest novel. I didn’t want to go with a traditional villain for this one since I don’t really get excited about characters like that. Rape culture, though, is this horrifying force that affects everyone and hasn’t been defeated yet.
all the rage cover

Young God: characters that secretly worship each other
You know… when you love someone so much you try to kill them repeatedly cause they’re just too perfect… that would be Vika and Nikolai…
the crown's game cover

Walk The Line: best retelling/reworking
I’m so sad this series is over!! 😦
the lunar chronicles covers1

Is There Somewhere: OTP with obstacles
*giggle snort* Understatement of the YEAR.
wrath and dawn cover

Empty Gold: an otp that became a notp
I shipped Katniss/Gale while I read the books, but after that end in Mockingjay I was like “nope.” Thankfully, the movies did Katniss/Peeta amazingly.
mockingjay cover

Trouble: toxic relationship you ship even though you know better
*DRAMONIE FLAG FLIES* Look, it could have worked, okay. It’s perfect in fanfiction. *cuddles fic close to me*
harry potter covers


I’m tagging everyone that loves HALSEY and books! 🙂


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